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"Continuous movement.

Direct contact.

Control. Discipline.

Going beyond all limitations. Lack of scruples.

Appetite for risk. 

Clear goal. Transparent project. 

No compromise.

No hasty movements.

No sentiments or resentments.

No fear. No pity for yourself.

The human takes himself in his hands.

The human yields to no fractions.

The human is not subjected to tragic conflicts.

The human controls lust."

The Award "Actress of the Season 2015/2016 in National Old Theatre in Cracow" 

The Award for the Best Actress in the plebiscite of the audience of the XX International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant in Łódź for the role of Catherine the Great in the play “Catherine the Great” – 2014.

The First Award for the role of Catherine the Great in the play “Catherine the Great” directed by Wiktor Rubin, produced by the Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce at the 54th Kalisz Theatre Meetings – 2014.

The Award for the Best Female Leading Role in the play “Catherine the Great” at the 6th International Theatre Festival “Divine Comedy” for “generosity and charm which united the team and allowed the audience to experience an incredible theatre experiment. This performance redefines assumptions and principles behind the policy of the body, shedding new light on the issues of sexuality, identity and gender” – 2013.

Team awards for the authors of the play „Catherine the Great” – 2014
-Grand Prix at the Festival of Polish Modern Arts R@port
-The Audience Award “Broken Barrier” at the 25th International Theatre Festival “No Borders”
-The main award of the jury for the best performance at the 49th Small Theatre Forms Festival "Kontrapunkt"

Hieronim Konieczko Award for the best young generation actor of the Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz (awarded by the local office of Gazeta Wyborcza in Bydgoszcz) – award for the roles in Płatonow and Three Sisters - 2010.

The Distinction of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage at the 25th Festival of Theatre Schools in Łódź; for the role of Roxanne in the play Cyrano de Bergerac and for the role of Renee in Madame de Sade - 2007

"She possesses artistic uncompromisingness, courage to undertake new challenges, as well as a terrific plasticity and a real acting instinct, which all allow her to balance between television projects and theatre performances without the detriment to the quality of her roles" (afw)

“Don’t get deceived that she plays only the roles of gentle characters. She is an actress who is universal, who doesn’t set limits to her own possibilities. (…) Also in her life she makes important gestures”. (Iwona Szostak)

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